Our Peace of Mind Protection Initiatives

As we endure this global pandemic together, the Governor of Guam recently initiated steps to begin reopening businesses in Guam. We are eager to resume normal business operations and open our doors to our valued customers so we continue to commit our operation under the guidance and regulations set by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the Department of Health, and the Government of Guam to prevent COVID-19.

This pandemic has forced us to create changes in the way we operate day by day, but the one thing that will always remain the same is the safety of our associates and customers being our highest priority. In this critical time, we have taken additional steps to go beyond our typical protocols and have intensified sanitation measures, read our PEACE OF MIND PROTECTION initiatives, and how we are dedicated to making every effort to providing our guests a relaxing resort life.


Hygiene Measures

Standards have been established for hygiene and cleanliness here at LeoPalace Resort. We continue to take steps to ensure the safety of our guests and associates. As a health and safety measure, all associates thoroughly wash their hands, wear personal protective equipment to safeguard themselves from viruses and bacteria, and all guest rooms and common areas are cleaned with disinfectants.


Associate’s Culture of Cleanliness

All associates are diligent with proper and frequent hand washing. We acknowledge that such behavior is the first step in hygiene management and that it is with great importance to protecting ourselves and the health of our guests and colleagues. In addition to hygiene training, our Housekeeping and Food & Beverage Team has successfully completed training to combat COVID-19.


Cleaning Products and Disinfectants

All cleaning products used here on the property are in accordance with the guidelines of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO). Guest rooms are cleaned thoroughly with special attention to high touch areas and commonly shared spaces. The resort and its commonly shared spaces within are sterilized and disinfected frequently. Antibacterial gels have been placed in hallways, elevator landings, restaurants, and other common areas for our guest’s convenient use.

Food Safety and Management

The Food and Beverage department conducts elaborate inspections daily to warrant foods are being prepared with food and safety standards. In addition, we are reviewing our restaurant operations and brainstorming new service style methods.



  • Social Distance practicing is highly enforced on property. Marks that space individuals 6 feet apart (approximately 1.8m) on the floor have been placed at our hotel Front Desk, Golf Front Desk, and other respective areas with high foot traffic.
  • In lobbies or where customers are likely to crowd, we will place social distancing guides on sofa tables near to help prevent overcrowding.
  • When taking a bus such as transportation, Bell Staff will guide the guest(s) to safe social distances.
  • Splash prevention guards (acrylic partitions) have been installed at the Hotel Front Desk, Golf Front Desk, Leo Mart, and other areas where associates and guests come face to face.
  • Antibacterial hand gels/foam dispensers have been placed conveniently at common areas for guest use
  • Signs are placed at the entrances of buildings to require a mask for entry.
  • Signs are placed at the entrances of buildings to restrict entry to any individual with a fever or coughing.
  • Signs are placed at all elevators to limit uses to one person or one family at a time.


Housekeeping Team Standards

  • All housekeeping associates are required to use masks and disposable gloves when performing their duties.
  • All public areas such as elevators, lobbies, restrooms, and high touch surface areas are cleaned thoroughly with chemicals that sterilize and disinfect.
  • Room cleaning staff use masks, goggles, disposable gloves, and gowns. Gloves are replaced when moving from the cleaned area to the next uncleaned area in order to prevent cross-contamination. When moving to the next room for cleaning, they wash the sole of their shoes for disinfection.


Guest Rooms

In guestrooms with an IPTV (internet protocol smart TV), digital hotel information will be installed to reduce the use of printed materials that require handling.


Intensive Safety Measures of LeoPalace Associates

  • All associates on duty wear masks throughout their shifts. Associates who interact with guests face to face wear disposable gloves in addition to masks and change gloves after each customer interaction.
  • Prior to any associate beginning their workday, they are required to get a health screening that includes the taking and recording of their body temperature and physical conditions on that day. If they have a fever or display symptoms of cough, they are immediately sent home.
  • Antibacterial hand gels are placed in various places such as associate passageways and service halls.
  • The staff of main food & beverage and lodging departments have attended a training course on infection control.
  • Guidelines are established and shared with all associates according to the respective situation:
  1. Guidelines for thorough cleaning of guest rooms to prevent infection.
  2. What to do if a guest is infected with COVID-19.
  3. What to do if there is an associate who may be infected.


Introduction of New Technology

We are continuously finding new ways to intensify our cleaning methods. We are currently using an Electrostatic sprayer in the property. The magnetic disinfectant disbursed from this sprayer wraps around target objects and it reaches places often overlooked in normal cleaning methods and improves the overall quality of the disinfectant effect.