Celebrate special occasions and holidays or hold corporate events with LeoPalace Resort Guam. With various types of meeting rooms and event halls, we are sure to have a venue for your events. (Click here for the capacity)




Our spacious main banquet room with a maximum capacity of 650 people (seated). Guests can hold a wedding reception or corporate events along with the delicate services of our supporting staff.

Space: Zefiro A 480 sqm / Zefiro B 400 sqm / Total 880 sqm

Round table setting: Zefiro A 350 pax / Zefiro B 300 pax / Total 650 pax



A banquet room for maximum 100 people (seated). Often used as various group parties, reception events, and meetings.

Space: Kanta A 317 sqm / Kanta B 148 sqm 

Round table setting: Kanta A 100 pax / Kanta B 40 pax 



Suitable space for a small meeting with maximum 14 people for each room. TV Monitor and USB cable are installed.

Space: Kanta Boardroom A 48 sqm / Kanta Boardroom B 48 sqm 

Conference setting: Kanta Boardroom A 14 pax / Kanta Boardroom B 14 pax 


Suitable for smaller business or family gatherings, personal occasion, group luncheon or dinner.  Maximum capacity is 64 people (seated).

Space: Brizo A 77 sqm / Brizo B 90 sqm / Total 167 sqm

Round table setting: Brizo A 28 pax / Brizo B 36 pax / Total 64 pax


A unique open-air setting with a view of the sky from our large translucent rooftop.
Outdoor space for any occasion - day and night. We also offer a selection of self-cooking BBQ menu.

Space: 418 sqm

Max capacity: 150 pax


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